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  1. Mettler Poly Sheen Multi Thread
    Mettler Poly Sheen Multi Thread
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  2. Mettler Poly Sheen Multi Thread

    Our Price:  2.46€

    Mettler Poly Sheen Thread is the versatile embroidery thread that meets the highest standards in artistic machine embroidery on any material. Poly Sheen Thread from Mettler Thread is also perfect for quilting. 50% stronger than Rayon, and perfect elongation means high stitch consistency is assured - you won't have to stop working because the thread breaks. Colorfast.

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    Model Options Name+ Select Price
    Mettler Multi col. 9302 Autumn Spice Mettler Multi col. 9302 Autumn Spice2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9912 Plum Pourri Mettler Multi col. 9912 Plum Pourri2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9914 Sporty Neons Mettler Multi col. 9914 Sporty Neons2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9916 Confetti Mettler Multi col. 9916 Confetti2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9923 Lipstick Pinks Mettler Multi col. 9923 Lipstick Pinks2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9924 Fiesta Orange Mettler Multi col. 9924 Fiesta Orange2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9925 Sunny Rays Mettler Multi col. 9925 Sunny Rays2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9926 Wheat Fields Mettler Multi col. 9926 Wheat Fields2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9929 Nautical Mettler Multi col. 9929 Nautical2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9930 Aqua Waters Mettler Multi col. 9930 Aqua Waters2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9931 Minty Leaves Mettler Multi col. 9931 Minty Leaves2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9933 Amber Mix Mettler Multi col. 9933 Amber Mix2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9936 Baby Boy Pastels Mettler Multi col. 9936 Baby Boy Pastels2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9938 Holiday Traditions Mettler Multi col. 9938 Holiday Traditions2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9970 Mettler Multi col. 99702.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9971 Lava Lamp Mettler Multi col. 9971 Lava Lamp2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9973 Girlie Girl Brights Mettler Multi col. 9973 Girlie Girl Brights2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9974 Coastal Mix Mettler Multi col. 9974 Coastal Mix2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9975 Golden Harvest Mettler Multi col. 9975 Golden Harvest2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9976 Mossy Tones Mettler Multi col. 9976 Mossy Tones2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9977 Spring Fling Mettler Multi col. 9977 Spring Fling2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9979 Salt N Pepper Mettler Multi col. 9979 Salt N Pepper2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9980 Summer Shimmers Mettler Multi col. 9980 Summer Shimmers2.46€
    Mettler Multi col. 9981 Glowing Brights Mettler Multi col. 9981 Glowing Brights2.46€

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